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Spent this day in a very memorable way! :D

After fitting for Kate’s gown, we had dinner at Cyma and we were surrounded by lovers and couples and we’d rate them based on how cute they are for each other. HAHA! After which, we hurriedly went to the movie house because we thought we were late for The Vow! Twas a nice movie but as what Kate said, Filipinos won’t appreciate that much because we’re used to watching movies with happy endings. It was a happy ending but in a different kind. I wish all guys were like Mr. Tatum! :))

No flowers and chocolates for us but we all enjoyed this day! :D Also I got a really awkward pinch in my cheek and a heart-shaped chocolate. LOL I wish yesterday was Valentine’s day though! HAHA!

I wonder how many girls pretended that they got flowers and chocolates from someone today just so they can feel this day or make other people get jealous! HAHA!

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