Nikon FM2 x Kodak Gold 400 (expired)

Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

This day will never happen again.

Found out that my camera still has a film in it with few extra shots left.

talgaryen asked: How do you make the itineraries for your trips? :) and like how do you decide where to go where to stay how to go there etc hehe your photos are amazing <3 i am in love with beaches and oceans but your pictures made me fall in love with them (specifically Philippine beaches) even more haha cheesy

Hi, lovely! Thanks for your kind words. I really don’t follow an itinerary when I travel. I like being spontaneous. I just decide to go to this place, look for a cheap place to stay in and see what happens when I get there. It’s more fun that way. :)

envyingyourphotos asked: hi te! it's me again! hope I can see you in personal. PS. naghimo kog account sa tumblr just to follow you and explore and admire your perfect photos! keep up! be an inspiration always!

Aaaw… Thank you so much for the support. :) Would love to meet you as well. Take care. :)

Eat well. Travel often.

Eat well. Travel often.

Zenit 12XP x Superia 400

I don’t miss you.

Found a roll at my drawer last week and had it processed.

suckmytooty asked: Hi! I just came across your blog and wanted to let you know that not only do you have such rad photos but you have a rocking body as well. Any tips or advice on diet and workout as to how you stay so fitt? Much love and more power to your incredible work! <3

Hello! Thank you so much for your compliment. I really don’t follow a proper diet nor exercise. I just try to eat clean as much as possible. :)

runningroads asked: Awesome travel posts. Your words & photos compliment each other. "What will happen will happen." It's funny that I read this in one of your posts. I always say this to my friends; it's one of the best things I learned traveling. Safe travels, my fellow wayfaring friend. xx -Nicole

Yay! Thank you! Hope to bump into you along the road somewhere in this world. :)

soliloquyofamermaid asked: hi ate lea! i just want to ask if there's a land trip from manila to laoag Ilocos? how much does it cost and how many hours? thank you! :)

There is! It will take you half a day to get there. :)The budget depends on how long you’re gonna stay there for.

oxytocin-overload asked: Hi! Do you mind if I ask where can I buy affordable lomo cameras? I got really inspired with your photos. I'm also from Cebu, btw. :>

Hello! You can buy them at Team Manila. Thank you so much for your kind words, btw. :) Cheers to us Cebuanas!

roll-like-nicole asked: I discovered your photos in IG and from there it was down the rabbithole. Your photography is amazing! I have shamelessy stalked your blog from your IG. Could I maybe ask what camera kit+lens you often use/favor for your travels? Thankyou and may the force be with you! <3

Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me. Anyway, I use different cameras when I travel. I use the gopro, my Canon 7D, some manual 35mm slide film and the iphone.